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1. They do more than cut keys!

They can:

- Service safes / change combos

- Install / change out door hardware

- School security system

- Unlock locked locks

- And much more….

2. They are a specialized profession.

3. They come to you fully equipped with tools, supplies, knowledge and experience.

4. They can pick most locks; some can require drilling, and replacement.

5. Many states require a license; don’t hesitate to request a copy.

6. They are always looking for young talent to welcome into the industry.

7. Weather conditions age and door sag can affect your locks


8. When acquiring a new property is it always wise to have your locks changed or rekeyed,

because, you as the new owner, do not know who has keys to your new place

9. Not every Locksmith is an automotive locksmith- call and ask.

10. All safes are not created equal; some are for valuables, others fire protection, the ones that do

both are the best.

By aalockke86649255, Apr 19 2017 07:01PM

What is a “Smart Lock?”

A smart lock is a door lock that works electronically and is designed to lock and unlock when it receives commands from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to perform the authorization process. It also monitors access and sends alerts for the different events it monitors and some other critical events related to the status of the device.

Smart locks, like traditional mechanical locks, need two main parts to work. The lock and the key. In the case of these electronic locks, the key is not a physical key but a smartphone which wirelessly will perform the authentication needed to automatically unlock the door, usually with an app.

Below we have listed Pros and Cons:


• Keyless entry

• You can change your credentials often via the app

• You can give someone access short of long term as long as they have the app

• Some automatically lock when you leave the building, some open up on approach (these can be both a pro and a con depending on how you have the app and the lock set up)

• No keys hidden under the flowerpot

• No more lost or misplaced keys

• Some have a camera that allows you to see who is knocking at your door or ringing the doorbell via the app

• Smart locks allow users to grant access to a third party by the means of a virtual key


• Connection issues: keep your phone charged, internet or data accessibility

• Usually the app has a monthly fee.

• As with anything electronic these days, some are easy to hack

• Technology sometimes fails

• More of a convenience than a “higher” security – can be drilled open and destroyed just like a keyed lock

• Most locks only lock one lock, so if your door has a deadbolt and a locking knob you will need separate credentials for each lock

There are many types on the market, prices range from $149.00 and up.

We recommend that you do your research, know what to expect before purchasing one of these devices.

Still interested in going keyless but not with your smart phone?, we recommend and install the Emtek wireless push button deadbolt or door handle for about the same price as the smart locks, with no added costs once installed.

By aalockke86649255, May 31 2016 03:28PM

AA Lock & Key Celebrates their 30th Business A nniversary this year.

1986 the time before locksmiths were required to be licensed in the state of Connecticut; Dave Vessels was interested in locks. He would visit the local locksmiths picking up skills of the trade, when one day Carl Finley of Yantic CT decided he wanted to move south and offered his locksmithing business, AA Lock & Key to Dave. Dave purchased Carl’s inventory and customer list and AA Lock & Key, as we know it today was born.

The first few years were very hectic. Dave worked 24 hours 7 days a week, accepting any locksmithing job that called whether it was auto, residential, commercial or municipal. Dave was not alone in this adventure, his wife of 7 years, Debbie answered 2 phone lines, taking the information of the work needed, scheduling Dave’s day or night appointments and keeping the books, much like she does today.

“It was rough working around the clock, but we were just starting and had to take every job that called” Dave recalls. “Service based businesses – you do what you have to do to keep the business running” Debbie adds.

Dave’s first service van was actually an old bread deliver truck, which he painted white with a paint roller. Chuckling Dave remembers, “It was great to work out of, plenty of room, but not so easy to drive.” The bread truck lasted about 2 years and was replaced with a used Ford van, which Debbie and Dave had lettered by themselves.

Their first employee was Nick who joined the business when Lock King out of Groton CT went out of business. Lock King called with an offer too good to pass up: take over the Yellow pages ads and phone numbers for Lock King and he would throw in the customer list. Dave and Debbie accepted the offer, hired Nick, an already experienced locksmith, found a used van for Nick while Debbie went into labor with their second child, all in the same weekend. They were ready to roll by Monday a first employee and Friday a new baby.

Raub’s in New London was another locksmith in business at this time, but eventually closed his shop. Dave acquired inventory and tools from Raub’s including a key cutting machine that is still the primary mechanical key cutting machine used today in the shop.

The work shop as we know it today was once a heifer barn. The barn was falling down and Debbie and Dave were repairing it so Debbie’s Dad could use it for his maple syrup production. They set up one section for the maple syrup and the other section became the key work shop. The maple sugar production eventually moved, but the lock shop stayed eventually adding offices and inventory space. The old barn is now the business center and work shop where you can bring in work to be done or have keys cut while you wait.

“The rest seems to be a blur” 30 years equals about 17 employees, 3 vans, thousands of customers, 2 grown children, 1 grandchild, the addition of services and the subtraction of auto locksmithing. One thing that has stayed constant is Dave and Debbie working side by side. They really enjoy working with their customers. “Meeting people and customer interactions best part of the job, people are usually happy to see you. Solving and explaining their security needs makes you feel like the locksmith with a cape, a hero.”

By aalockke86649255, Apr 21 2016 12:59PM

"i had a technician at my location on monday 4/18 to install 2 dead bolts. i just wanted to follow up with you to let you know on how great of a job the tech did. he was very professional , didn’t waste time and cleaned up after his installation. I’m very impressed with the pride he takes in his workmanship. it was a very positive experience and i will recommend your business to others looking for service. thanks again for the great service".

robert leonard

By aalockke86649255, Mar 15 2016 03:23PM

3 Security Tips to Keep in Mind as Spring Approaches:

It's All about the Door:

It may sound obvious but the most common point of entry for criminals is the front door. Even if your door is locked, a standard soft-wood doorjamb can be easily kicked in. Invest in a deadbolt lock with a heavy duty strike plate. Make sure your mounting screws are at least 3 inches long.

Are you Visible?

The next time you pull into your driveway at night, check to see if your house numbers are clearly visible. Reflective house numbers can help emergency responders find your house quickly.

Mend Your Fences:

Harsh winter conditions can lead to splitting, rotting and rusting. Take the time now to repair broken or weakened areas of your fences make sure that latches and locks are working properly.

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